Linux Mint – a Windows Alternative

Linux Mint is an easy-to-learn operating system and an ideal alternative for Windows XP users, as well as for the many users who are using pirated software. Here is your chance to get legitimate, mature software for FREE!


With the death of Windows XP, computer users are going to need to look at other options whether moving to Windows 7 (increasingly difficult to find), Windows 8, or Apple Mac OS X. Of course for some, Linux may be an option. While Ubuntu is the most publicized Linux distribution (Operating System), I use a Ubuntu derivative – Linux Mint because I like its desktop (similar to Windows 7 – with a Start Menu!) and it just works! Oh yes, Linux Mint is free – so is all the software I use on it!


As I have mentioned before, I have been using Linux Mint for years. I prefer it over Ubuntu, which is usually suggested as the alternative to Windows, and numerous other distributions I have tried. As well, I prefer Linux Mint Mate edition (It allows me to make a top, hidden toolbar where I have short cuts…

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