Zorin, A Ubuntu Derivative, Fast Look-alike Windows

Zorin, in my own experience, is a very neat and stylish distro with the most friendly support forum. Its interface is intuitive yet beautiful. This is a very good choice for someone who needs Linux but wants to enjoy a Windows-alike experience.


Zorin OS may have become my next favorite Linux distribution right after Ubuntu.  I’ve tested Zorin inside VirtualBox, and I’m surprised that Zorin behaves superbly even though it is only using a virtual environment.  For your information, VirtualBox is one type of software that capable of providing virtual machines.  As I say I’m impressed with Zorin for its performance inside a virtual environment, and it’s because I’ve found out that installing Zorin is a little faster than Ubuntu — that’s installing Ubuntu inside VirtualBox seems to be a little slower.  I haven’t yet compared the speed of the installation for both of these Linux distributions on the normal environment (i.e., without virtual environment).

Zorin is mimicking Windows for its user interface, but its user interface out of the box is still powering by Gnome.  Windows users may find Zorin is even more friendlier than Ubuntu.  Everything inside Zorin seems to…

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