Firefox Browser Hardening Tools


Harden Your Browser Against Phishing, Scams, Fraud, Identity Theft, etc.

Someone I know personally had his Apple Mac infected by some 40 malwares about a week ago. Mac and Linux are almost impenetrable but this person had used a torrent to download software. Torrents are dangerous because anyone with an evil intent can insert malware script into files while being so transferred and this is why some Linux distro’s cannot even be downloaded in this way, but only from approved, secure servers.

The widgets below work in most browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Ensure that your Firewall is active and configured. MS Windows users should be using nothing other than OnlineArmor free version from Emsisoft.

Finally, do consider migrating to Linux Mint, especially if you are on Windows XP or 7, as support for these has either been stopped or is about to be terminated. Read more at

Please also feel free to spread this email to friends and associates, help them to prevent them from falling into hardship. Identity theft can be devastating.