How we humans think ourselves into little boxes

It is human nature to see things from within our own personal perspectives. We are biased by nature. To give you and example: just about everyone believes that almost everybody on the globe have internet access.

If the world, however, only had 100 people living in it:

  • 34 would have had internet
  • 66 would have been without internet
  • only about 12 would have had 3G or better
  • only 6 would have enjoyed stable, reliable, affordable broadband

These figures are quite sobering – now read my post to see how device manufacturers create a huge problem because they see things from within their very limited and eschewed perspectives. Steve Wozniak, ex-Apple, predicted this anomaly and warned against using the cloud. He was proven right.

Why the, is it that anyone promoting this idea is being picked upon and discriminated against? Why shoot the messenger?